Focus on eMobility: E-scooters are booming

E-scooters are conquering German cities (Photo: Coup)

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E-bikes have been booming for a while already. Precisely in urban areas, however, the latest trend in e-mobility is becoming apparent: E-scooters. On the overfilled streets of India and China, scooters have already established themselves as an alternative to cars, and here too, agile scooters are advancing.Read more

Focus on eMobility: “The infrastructure must be intelligent”

Oliver Deuschle (r.) and Marco Masur of the EnBW brand SMIGHT.

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In the smart city of tomorrow, networking will play an important role. In the second part of our interview, Oliver Deuschle, Director of the EnBW brand SMIGHT and Marco Masur, Manager for eMobility solutions, talk about challenges and opportunities for energy providers on the electromobility market.Read more

Focus on eMobility: “Infrastructure for e-cars isn’t the problem.”

“Even though we are still building up the network, no-one needs to worry that they won’t find a point to recharge” says Marco Masur, EnBW.

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Anyone buying an electric car today can enjoy ever-increasing coverage. According to a calculation by the corporate consultants Horváth & Partners, electric vehicles newly licensed in 2017 achieved an average range of 300 km, 10 percent more than in 2016.Read more

PTV Group cooperates with FIA at the Formula E race in Rome

Sustainable mobility is the topic at the FIA Smart Cities Forum and the Formula E in Rome. Illustration: Formula E

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PTV presents sustainable mobility solutions at the FIA Smart Cities Forum : Sustainable mobility concepts are becoming increasingly important for the International Automobile Federation FIA.… Read more

iHUB: EVs or no EVs?

PTV Group is involved in the iHub project: Presentation of the electric van at Schenker Deutschland AG’s office in Berlin.

PTV Group is involved in the iHub project: Presentation of the electric van at Schenker Deutschland AG’s office in Berlin.

How can a mixed fleet of electric and conventionally fuelled trucks be operated in a highly sustainable manner? This is one of the challenges being addressed by the partners of the research project iHub.Read more

Why cities need mobility disruptive technologies

There is one thing that almost all cities around the world have in common: their streets are congested with cars, causing traffic jams and accidents, polluting the air and taking up an immense amount of the highly contested urban space. More and more local authorities try to tackle the problem by setting up restrictions and banning cars from the city centres.Read more

Real-time forecasting meets e-mobility

Traffic in Erfurt

Traffic management in the city of Erfurt. © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt

Originally designed for petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, the transport network of today is not optimised for electromobility. Very much aware of this fact, people from all over are reluctant to make the switch to e-mobility. Furthermore, investing in an extensive network of high-speed charging points would be costly.Read more

iZEUS E-Mobility Project Starts Fleet Test

iZeus E-Mobility project starts fleet test

iZeus E-Mobility project starts fleet test

It is one of the central questions of future traffic planning: What does a supraregional concept for barrier-free integration of electric mobility in everyday road traffic have to be like? First approaches are studied by KIT and its partners under the iZEUS research project.Read more

The future is “E”

Young woman charging a electric vehicle

Studies confirm: Electric vehicles can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

In the light of limited fossil fuel reserves and government climate targets, make mobility more eco-friendly is now being considered a top priority in Germany. “e-mobility” is one of the initiatives which has been taken in this respect.Read more

Shining metropol-E

The PTV Group accompanies the research project metropol-E as scientific advisor.

The Federal Government of Germany has chosen the research project “metropol-E” in Dortmund as “lighthouse for electric mobility”. As part of this project, the use of electric vehicles is tested throughout the Ruhr region. Together with the Technical University of Berlin, PTV accompanies the project as scientific advisor: The experts primarily focus on user analyses, exemplary orientation of the loading infrastructure development as well as traffic engineering and energy issues.… Read more