How do you plan the most optimal transport route?

Logistics services are vital for every city. Photo: iStock

Logistics services are vital for every city. Photo: iStock

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Cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas are swiftly growing all over the world. This increase calls for a higher demand of logistics services. No matter if it is the industrial, trade or hospitality sector, they all rely on deliveries that arrive on time and without damage.… Read more

Off to conquer the ‘last mile’!

28% of total transport cost is accumulated on the “last mile” (Photo: iStock)

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A city’s efficiency depends on its infrastructure. To supply trade, production, the service industry and private households for the future requires solutions which are smart, sustainable and cost-effective.… Read more

Gaining efficiency on congested city streets despite increasing challenges

Professional logistics software is at the heart of efficient urban freight transport (Photo: iStock)

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How do urbanisation and the e-commerce boom relate to logistics? The answer is simple: Today, urban freight transport accounts for about 35 per cent of CO2 emissions in the city.… Read more

A factory for good ideas


The four-year BESTFACT project (January 2012 to December 2015) is financed under the terms of the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU. 18 partners are involved in this project, which is coordinated by PTV Group.

The EU project BESTFACT – the name stands for Best Practice Factory for Freight Transport – collects, develops, evaluates and circulates good ideas for city logistics, green logistics and co-modality as well as e-freight.Read more