Why do we need real-time model based forecast?

Luca Paone

Luca Paone, Solution Director for PTV Optima and our expert for real-time modelling.

Instead of being stuck in traffic, you could be enjoying a good Italian coffee. Luca Paone, expert on real-time modelling and Solution Director for PTV Optima, explains how.

Road networks are complex systems, in which even minor changes can alter the whole traffic situation.… Read more

The Benefits of Modelling Public Transport

Ralf Frisch

Ralf Frisch, Solution Director at PTV Group, is a strong supporter and fan of public transport.

Karlsruhe, PTV Group’s hometown, is currently under construction: A tunnel is being built to transform the tram into a subway. This project is said to enhance public transport and to decrease congestions in the inner-city.Read more

PTV Vissim nominated for European IT & Software Excellence Award

Finalist's logo of the European IT & Software Excellence Award

Modelling bicycles puts PTV Vissim in the hunt for the Mobility Solution of the Year award

PTV Group is one of the finalists of the European IT & Excellence Awards 2014. The German software vendor entered with a customer project that deals with modelling cyclists in detail using the microsimulation tool PTV Vissim.Read more

Creating the world’s best city for cyclists

Cyclists in the City of Copenhagen

Copenhagen aims for becoming the bicycle-friendliest city of the world and uses PTV Vissim for planning. Image: Troels Heinen

There is hardly any other city in the world that encourages bicycle traffic like Copenhagen. It comes as no surprise that the Danish capital has set itself the goal of becoming the world’s most bicycle-friendly city.Read more