Finely crafted and integrated

One part of the transport model of Halle (Saale): public transport

One part of the transport model of Halle (Saale): public transport. Modelled with PTV Visum.

Since the existing transportation model was getting a bit long in the tooth, the city of Halle (Saale), Germany, commissioned planning company verkehrplus GmbH to update it. This resulted in a modern, finely crafted transportation model with around 600 zones, which takes into account all modes of transport.Read more

New to transport logistics: Synchromodal trip planning

The graph explains the characteristics of synchromodality

The characteristics of synchromodality

Synchromodality becomes reality. This means that logistics processes are optimised not only over different transport modalities or along the individual supply chain, but across an entire transport network. In the case of synchromodal trip planning, the right transport modality is chosen automatically at the right time, unlocking new potential savings.Read more