Off to conquer the ‘last mile’!

28% of total transport cost is accumulated on the “last mile” (Photo: iStock)

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A city’s efficiency depends on its infrastructure. To supply trade, production, the service industry and private households for the future requires solutions which are smart, sustainable and cost-effective.… Read more

You are looking for an ETA? Better trust the expert

PTV Drive&Arrive provides you with an accurate ETA for dynamic approach management and warehousing processes.

The delivery information you receive from your logistics partners and their telematics systems are not enough. You want to know exactly when to expect a delivery. The solution: an ETA (estimated time of arrival) calculator.Read more

ETA and data protection – the key to logistics 4.0

Allowing for secure and automatic data exchange along the supply chain: PTV Drive&Arrive

Digitally connecting all partners of the supply chain, increasing efficiency and transparency – that is the idea of so called logistics 4.0. Since more and more companies in the sector digitise their business by using software for order, warehouse or fleet management, route planning or telematics, and control their processes via cloud solutions, this idea is technically already possible.Read more

How Tielbeke improved its service with accurate arrival times

Delivering 3,000 shipments per day on time – with the ETA of PTV Drive&Arrive

Companies are getting spoilt. They will no longer put up with deliveries arriving “sometime in the afternoon”, they want to know exactly when the delivery vehicle will turn up at their door.Read more

LogiMAT: From planning to arrival – trip optimisation with real-time data


The PTV Group will present new solutions for the dynamic optimisation of the supply chain and its integration into PTV Smartour at LogiMAT from 10 to 12 February 2015.

Good trip planning is priceless! Reality on the roads is often a different matter. Visitors to the PTV exhibition booth D11 in Hall 7 at LogiMAT can see the solution for themselves.Read more

Next, please

PTV Drive&Arrive for transport planning in real-time. Stevecoleimages

PTV Drive&Arrive for transport planning in real-time.

Nothing is less productive than unscheduled time spent waiting. Whether it’s at the doctor’s, when starting up a computer, in a traffic jam or – with an unexpected economic impact – at the unloading dock. You can discover the best way to plan the dock encounter using the PTV Group’s latest cloud-based development: PTV Drive&Arrive provides every link in the logistical supply chain with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of transport in real-time.Read more