Starting at the last mile

Successful kick-off at transport logistic (9 – 12 May 2017): Numerous visitors found their way to PTV’s stand 401/502 in hall B to explore the most innovative software solutions for modern cities and advanced logistics. Copyright PTV Group.

As stressed by Alexander Dobrindt in his opening speech at transport logistic in Munich, only those who are willing to digitise can achieve greatly.Read more

How to supply 300 food retailers in just one night

Food wholesaler Okle managed to dispense one entire truck thanks to route planning with PTV Smatour.

Around 300 independent food retailers await the arrival of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and sausage products, dairy products and frozen foods from Okle every night. The German wholesaler supplies almost 300 partners with regional products and strives to develop customer relationships that are based on trust.Read more

From Kiosk to Commercial Kitchen: Lautertal Ensures

“I cannot imagine anything better than PTV Smartour.” Markus Neiheisel, Lautertal C+C GmbH & Co. KG

Tight delivery time slots, pedestrian areas, limited parking spaces for trucks – as a food wholesaler, Lautertal C+C GmbH & Co. KG has to overcome all of the constraints of inner-city deliveries, while at the same time meeting the needs of customers in rural areas.Read more

New standards in real-time notification

PTV Smartour Notification Service: the right information at the right time

Everything can arrive. But knowing the exact time is key. Notification and shipment tracking in real-time – with the route planning software PTV Smartour, the PTV Group is setting new standards in real-time notification.

PTV Smartour, has achieved new levels of quality in real-time planning.… Read more

Supplying construction and maintenance companies in urban and rural areas

For many years, the technical wholesaler Mastermate has been using fixed routes for its nine vehicles operating in the northeast of the Netherlands. The vehicles used to leave the distribution centre in Deventer to complete the same routes every day, delivering metal goods to construction companies, building sites and maintenance companies.Read more

Smart for customer

Optimized trip planning with PTV Smartour: a benefit for the whole supply chain.

Optimized trip planning with PTV Smartour:          a benefit for the whole supply chain.

Papyrus is in many ways seen as a trailblazer in the paper wholesale trade. With trip planning, the company has devoted itself to a sector for which the optimisation potential can be harnessed even more intensely.Read more

A strong digital wind blowing through the world of logistics

Data Driven Intelligence, Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt, Usability, Vielfalt im Logistiksektor, Vernetzung, Konnektivität und Cloud: PTV Group spannt den Bogen rund um den ersehnten und gefürchteten Einfluss der Digitalisierung auf die Welt der Logistik.

Digitalisation – feared and sought after in equal measure – casts a long shadow over the entire logistics sector.

Data-driven Intelligence, the world of work, usability, the range of solutions in the logistics sector, networking, connectivity and the cloud: PTV Group spans a wide range of subjects around the impact of digitization on the world of logistics.Read more

TNT Courier improves punctuality with PTV Smartour

TNT Courier improves punctuality with PTV Smartour

TNT Courier services: Punctuality has risen to over 98% thanks to PTV Smartour

TNT has significantly improved the performance of its value-added services network (Delivery Plus) thanks to PTV Smartour. Punctuality has risen to over 98 per cent, while vehicles are being used more efficiently than ever.Read more

Van Marcke brings service up to the next level with PTV Smartour

Van Marcke brings service up to the next level with PTV Smartour

Van Marcke brings service up to the next level with PTV Smartour

Although a fixed journey schedule was working perfectly well when it came to supplying Van Marcke’s stores, static planning was leading to bottlenecks in transports to installers. These bottlenecks included an uneven distribution of the work across drivers.Read more

Air Liquide: Planning certainty with PTV Smartour

“The experience of our dispatchers and drivers, coupled with the performance of PTV Smartour, gives us a complete package of planning certainty which has become indispensable.” Patrick Kox, Project Manager at Air Liquide Deutschland GmbH (photo: Air Liquide)

About 100 trucks deliver daily to customers and sales partners from 18 dispatch locations, with 15 dispatchers planning each single trip.Read more