Arrive safely!

How to improve road safety in the long term?

How to improve road safety in the long term?

We travel a lot and want to arrive safely. But, we can never take safety for granted: There are many risks and hazards that arise from road users as much as from the infrastructure. Future-orientated planning that takes real-time information into account can improve road safety in the long term.Read more

Turning the corner

Winding road in Toscany

To reduce the number of accidents, the local authority of the province of Arezzo integrated road safety work into the strategic planning process.

In many regions, having access to high-quality accident data cannot be taken for granted. Accident data and supplementary information are the key to proactive road safety work, a fact that Paolo Vadi knows well.Read more

PTV Group supports European Road Safety Charter

Thomas Schwerdtfeger with the subscribed ERSC

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schwerdtfeger, a member of PTV Group’s Executive Board, signed the European Road Safety Charter on behalf of the company.

The European Road Safety Charter, ERSC, invites stakeholders to proactively implement measures within the sphere of their responsibility which help reduce road fatalities. The Charter has more than 2,000 signatories.Read more