Intelligent street lighting provides traffic information

f.l.t.r. Peter Möhl, Director Traffic Software at PTV and Oliver Deuschle, Head of SMIGHT have teamed up to improve real-time traffic management.

The smart city of tomorrow is benefiting from the increasing intelligence of our infrastructure. The EnBW brand SMIGHT (Smart City Light)  and  PTV Group have teamed up in a joint development initiative to optimise urban traffic in real time.Read more

Why do we need real-time model based forecast?

Luca Paone

Luca Paone, Solution Director for PTV Optima and our expert for real-time modelling.

Instead of being stuck in traffic, you could be enjoying a good Italian coffee. Luca Paone, expert on real-time modelling and Solution Director for PTV Optima, explains how.

Road networks are complex systems, in which even minor changes can alter the whole traffic situation.… Read more

Real-time traffic management nowadays requires demand modelling

Traffic manager working at a regional control centre. © Flickr / Highways Agency

Traffic manager working at a regional control centre. © Flickr / Highways Agency

Around one half of all Germans have a smartphone [1]. Three quarters of them access internet content on the go and 50 per cent use apps for different aspects of day-to-day life.Read more

Traffic information on your fingertips

Traffic in Bukarest, Rumania

PTV Optima to display current traffic state in Bukarest.

Whilst on the DN2A between Hârşova and Crucea the traffic is flowing despite construction sites, cars on Şoseaua Mihai Bravu in Bucharest are moving at a snail’s pace this Saturday. enables traffic information on your fingertips!Read more

PTV Group and INRIX to make cities smarter

Street in Paris

INRIX XD Traffic will enhance PTV Group’s data portfolio for real-time traffic management.

This week, PTV Group and INRIX announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on smart city solutions that will use big data and demand-based modelling software to solve urban mobility problems worldwide. INRIX is a leading provider of real-time traffic information.Read more

Ahead of time

PTV Optima for real-time traffic management

Piedmont relies on PTV Optima for real-time traffic management

Covering an area of 25,000 square kilometres, Piedmont is, after Sicily, Italy’s second largest region. Its provinces are intersected by 34,000 kilometres of main road. Managing traffic and providing mobility information in this region is the job of 5T.Read more