Access to mobility is the goal

Panel discussion

OECD, World Bank and other key players met at Shaping Transportation to discuss the future of mobility.

More than 250 transport policy thinkers, shapers and decision makers from 54 countries met in London in late June to discuss how to develop mobility in a sustainable way and what gaps need to be closed.Read more

Four pillars for urban transport sustainability in large metropolitan regions of Latin America: Issues and Options

Jorge Rebelo

Jorge Rebelo, Lead Transport Specialist, Sustainable Development Department at the World Bank, USA

Future-oriented ideas for dealing with urban transport are emerging in Latin America. However, it is obvious that the countries are still struggling to turn them into reality. Jorge M. Rebelo is aware of the challenges.Read more

9 factors to form sustainable transport policy

Dr. Hans Jeekel

Dr. Hans Jeekel, Secreatry Board of the Association of European Transport

There are three pillars of sustainability: economics, ecology and social welfare. Anyone looking to conduct a sustainable transport policy must consider each of these three pillars. However, if you study the current situation in Europe, you will observe that many countries are inclined to focus on just the economic and ecological aspects. Read more

The future is “E”

Young woman charging a electric vehicle

Studies confirm: Electric vehicles can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

In the light of limited fossil fuel reserves and government climate targets, make mobility more eco-friendly is now being considered a top priority in Germany. “e-mobility” is one of the initiatives which has been taken in this respect.Read more