Microsimulation – what is it good for?

Alastair Evanson, Solution Director for PTV Vissim and our expert for microsimulation

“Are you playing computer games again?” – this is a question microsimulation experts often get asked when modelling traffic. Of course they are not, but is there really such a big difference between microsimulation and a game like Sim City?Read more

Swarm data for traffic planning

A clever combination: Swarm data from Motionlogic and transport models from PTV (image: Motionlogic)

Nearly everybody calls daily with a mobile phone, sends texts or uses the mobile Internet. In an interview, Norbert Weber, data expert at Motionlogic, explains how these activities can be transformed into valuable information for city and traffic planning.Read more

Winnipeg – the PTV city

The city of Winnipeg uses Vision Traffic Software inter-divisionaly.

The City of Winnipeg (Canada) uses Vision Traffic Software inter-divisionaly.

If there were a PTV world championship, Winnipeg would come out on top. With PTV Visum, PTV Vissim and PTV Vistro, the Canadian city already uses three software products from the PTV Group, covering different aspects of transportation planning in the city.Read more

The simulated journey

Eugen Diner RWTH Aachen

Eugen Diner is a scientist at the Institute for Road Traffic at RWTH University Aachen and works on various projects and studies related to road safety

For more than 80 years, the Institut für Straßenwesen (Institute for Road Traffic – isac) at RWTH University Aachen has been instructing on planning, equipping and operating road traffic systems.Read more

Long-awaited PTV Vissim 6 version is now available

Screenshot of the traffic simulation software PTV Vissim 6

PTV Vissim 6 is the new release of the world leading traffic simulation software. It provides modern GUI technology and numerous improved features supporting typical workflows.

With the release of PTV Vissim 6, PTV Group has conquered the Mount Olympus of Traffic Simulation. We have invested a great deal of time to develop a new basic architecture of the world’s leading traffic simulation software which has undergone a major redesign.Read more

Turkey in need of engineers

An interview with Professor Dr. Hakan Güler, University of Sakarya, Turkey

Prof. Hakan Güler from the University of Sakarya in Turkey has guided the PTV Summer School for four years now.

PTV’s Summer School has taken place every year since 2009. As part of this programme, students from Turkey stay in Germany for a week to gain experience in using the transport planning software PTV Visum and PTV Vissim.Read more